Transgenerational Longevity

Genetics Influencing Future Generations

From Mendel and Darwin in the 19th century to Watson and Crick in the 20th, the scientific community has shown that chromosomes passed from parent to child form a genetic blueprint which guides their development and provides the foundation for health as well as disease. However, in recent years researchers have come to realize that genes aren’t a fixed, predetermined program simply passed from one generation to the next. Instead, genes can be switched on and off by many factors such as methylation, dietary intake, emotions, energetics, spirituality and most importantly our environment. What we eat, the level of accumulated stress (Allostatic Load), what toxins and heavy metals we’re exposed to, can and will alter the genetic legacy we pass on to our children, grandchildren and generations to come. Transgenerational longevity establishes the paradigm that what we experience biochemically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually has a profound affect not only on our lives, it also influences our future generations.

Each one of our cells, from skin cells to neurons, contains an identical DNA blueprint, yet they perform vastly different functions. That’s because epigenetic “tags” regulate the expression of developing fetal cells providing genetic instructions that don’t pertain to their intended roles. That biochemical process, scientists have discovered, occurs not just during gestation and early development but throughout adulthood, switching genes on or off and altering our mental and physical health.


Metabanomics Is the means by which you determine the effect of the Allostatic load on an individual by detecting, identifying, quantitating and cataloguing the history of time related metabolic changes. By observing changes in urinary metabolites, amino acids levels and ratios, epigenetic expression can be observed and strategies developed to silence aberrant gene expression through diet, supplementation and lifestyle. Mathematic modeling of changes in these selected (catecholaminergic, serotonergic, glutamatergic, histidine and trans- methylation) pathways and defined ratios helps further identify cofactor deficiencies, leading to individualized and targeted supplementation. This in depth and predictive ability depends on the application of advanced analytical techniques including metabolite profiling mass spectrometry and statistical analysis computing software. Simultaneous performance of salivary adrenal cortex (glucocorticoids) studies, salivary electrolyte (mineral corticoids) studies combines the adrenal cortex and adrenal medulla (catecholaminergic) allowing insight into true Allostatic load.

Our research indicates that Metabolic dysregulation and Allostatic load, which originate in utero and are present at the time of birth, contribute to the expression of gene mutations that lead to the development of disease and dysfunction that can be exacerbated in future generations. These dysfunctions leave the fetus vulnerable to the development of chronic infections, genetic predispositions, and unrelieved toxicity during gestation. The impact of these dysregulations may be difficult to detect until after birth, when they can manifest as everything as diverse from Neural Tube Defects to autism in a matter of days, months or years.


The typical order of events which facilitates the expression of aberrant gene expression in offspring.

  1. A woman goes into pregnancy metabolically challenged, in a state of adrenal dysfunction (hyper- or hypo-). She utilizes the maternal (placental) fetal unit for her own hormonal supplementation to insure survival.
  2. Two primary hormones (Estriol E-3 and Progesterone) are responsible for maintaining the immune modulation of the Maternal-Placental-Fetal Unit (MPFU).
  3. By the end of the first trimester, Estriol E-3 and Progesterone are shunted to mother (host). This reduces the effectiveness of the MPFU to prevent vector transmission of chronic infection, Heavy metals and toxins.
  4. Heavy metals, Toxins and Chronic Infections flow from mother to fetus.
  5. Fetus’s endocrine system forms and adrenals begin to function. (Week 16)
  6. Fetal adrenal’s hypertrophy to maintain demand.
  7. Occurrence of adrenal hypertrophy in newborn is so prevalent in the USA that it is considered normal.
  8. Mother’s endocrine system balances by end of 2nd. Trimester. Symptoms of adrenal dysregulation diminish or disappear.
  9. Mother’s food consumption during 2nd and 3rd trimester influences baby’s food preferences. This includes inappropriate selections.
  10. Toxins and heavy metals flow unrestricted into the amniotic fluid. Studies have confirmed the presence of mercury from amalgam fillings in tissue specimens, blood, amniotic fluid, urine, and breast milk.
  11. As mother chews her food, mercury from amalgam fillings in mother’s mouth becomes mercury vapor. This vapor is inhaled and released into the circulatory system. The placenta is unable to block this mercury from reaching the fetus.
  12. Fetus continues its support of the host.
  13. Baby is born in a state of hyper-stimulation. The adrenals can hypertrophy up to 100%.
  14. At birth the umbilical cord is cut immediately. Early cord clamping deprives the baby of54-160 mL of blood, which represents up to half of a baby’s total blood volume at “Clamping the cord before the infant’s first breath results in blood being sacrificed from other organs to establish pulmonary perfusion (blood supply to the lungs.) Fatality may result if the child is already hypovolemic (low in blood volume.)” The following may also result:

“Immediate cord clamping causes newborn hypoxia.

” Brain lesions are associated with autism and related disorders.” [ 1]

” Hypoxic brain lesions in monkeys are associated with intelligence/memory defects similar to autism.” [2]

“Placental oxygenation until the lungs are functioning prevents newborn hypoxia.

“Placental oxygenation until the lungs are functioning should prevent autism that is caused by hypoxic brain lesions.”

Clamping the cord, especially at an early stage, may also cause the extra blood trapped within the placenta to be forced back through the placenta into the mother’s blood supply during the third stage contractions. This feto-maternal transfusion increases the chance of future blood group incompatibility problems, which occur when the current baby’s blood enters the mother’s bloodstream and causes an immune reaction that can be reactivated in a subsequent pregnancy, destroying the baby’s blood cells and causing anemia or even death.

15.  Mother goes into a state of postpartum depression.
16.  Mother continues to eat inappropriate diet during lactation phase. When breastfeeding, these antigens, as well as new toxins and heavy metals pass to baby.
17.  Baby reacts to one of the genetic predispositions to gluten, casein, soy, and albumin (from egg whites).
18.  Baby converts gluten into glutino-morphine and casein into caseno-morphine. This “drugs” the baby and causes it to fall asleep. This upsets baby’s natural circadian cycle.
19.  Baby is further exposed to toxins such as organic pollutants (POPs) like DDT, PCBs, and dioxin, heavy metals like lead and mercury, and solvents.
20.  Baby’s digestive system is affected as follows:

Endothelial tissue in small intestine is eroded away. This exposes mast cells and causes histamine (histolytic) response. Cells inflame. This causes inappropriate mast cell response, and reduction in surface area of the intestines. This leads to an increase in acquired allergies, due to the increased vulnerabilities. Malabsorption occurs and fewer nutrients are derived from the nutrition continuants that are consumed. Baby goes further and further into a state of malnutrition.

  1.  The endocrine system responds to the threat by maintaining the hypertrophy of the adrenals. This continues until somewhere between months 18 and 24. At this time the adrenals can no longer maintain the continued increase in cortisol and reduces its output and begins to atrophy. This also coincides with a normal and expected reduction in the endogenous output of DHEA.

This affects the following:
Proper immune modulation.
Glycemic control.
Causes DHEA to decline.
Causes decrease in vasoconstriction.
Causes hyper-coagulation.
Allows decrease in sensitivity to amino acids crossing blood brain barrier. Amino acids contaminates can cause disease.
Reduction in primary mineral-corticoid, aldosterone. This causes upset in sodium/potassium ratios, and a shift in cellular osmolality. This leads to diminished ability for nutrients to pass through lipid bi-layer of cell membrane. This also leads to a loss of intercellular potassium and magnesium. Calcium levels build and calcify the cell membrane and mitochondria. This causes further reduction of inter-cellular utilization, as well as premature cell apoptosis.

  1. Other family members, including the family pet, become participants in the transport and communication of bacterial and viral diseases. This familial/zoonotic exchange sets up a cyclic aspect of infection. This increases the probability of re-infection. The re-infection is sometimes even more destructive then the first exposure.
  2. The continued dysregulation of the immune system, combined with the decreased adrenal corticoid output, and spillover effect on the autonomics, now causes uncontrolled hypervigilance.
  3. This allows all opportunistic microorganisms to flourish, leading to multiple chronic infections.

I propose to establish a paradigm of prevention before pregnancy, continued support during pregnancy, and support for the baby as well as the entire family unit after birth.

Recent and continuing advances in medical technology have made genetic analysis, and the role gene expression plays in the etiology and manifestation of pathologies, quick and economical, and contain a trove of useful information. The ability to unlock keys to optimal health is closer than ever before and the tools to develop efficacious protocols lay at our feet.

We can use this data not only to treat people who are already sick: We can use it to optimize the health of parents prior to the conception of their offspring. The effects of this on fetal development will affect the health of their offspring throughout their lives.

This approach to Metabanomics, includes genetics, amino acid utilization, urinary metabolites, salivary hormones and Bio-Well (Electrophotonic) analysis. Metabonomics can provide tremendous insight into the expression of aberrant genes and the specific pathway dysregulations that need to be addressed. 

Survival’s role in Longevity

All living creatures respond to stress utilizing a system known as the “adrenal response,” commonly referred to as the “fight/flight mechanism.” This mechanism has been genetically embedded in animals for hundreds of millions of years. Fight/flight, a series of chemical events that prepare your body to respond to an attack, is our most important survival mechanism. It has been passed down, virtually unchanged from our early ancestors, to present-day man. What has changed are biochemical influences as a result of a changing environment and society. We have produced a culture of chronic stress. Instead of confronting the occasional vicious animal, we are now under attack 24 hours a day. Job pressures, noise and toxic pollution, dizzyingly rapid changes in the fabric of our society, and a barrage of invasive advertising and negative media messages charge at us.

This chronic stress causes our bodies to overproduce chemical and electrical messages, disrupting our natural ability to regain balance, homeostasis and allostatis. This causes the body to maintain a state of hypervigilance, keeping all of its functions in a constant state of emergency. Left unresolved, chronic stress results in serious health conditions. Stress, in fact, is involved to some extent in all injury, illness, disability, and death. The good news is that new tools are available for testing, understanding, and treating the effects of chronic stress.


Stress is the sum total of all physical and mental input. However, the mechanism that was needed for survival 90,000 years ago is inappropriate for today’s world. In the 1930s, Canadian researcher Hans Selye, Ph.D., first introduced the biological concept of stress and used the term “general adaptation response” to explain that stress is a state that cannot be avoided because it is the bodes adaptive response to any demand made of it. As such, appropriate responses to stress reflect the process of adaptation; however, prolonged or accumulated stress leads to maladaptation.

Stress is communicated in the body by three primary vehicles: energy, neurological impulses and chemical messengers. In response to external stressors perceived via the energy field and senses, nerve impulses travel at tremendous speed carrying data from our environment into the body where the information is processed. The brain then sends messages through nerve impulses to parts of the body in response to the incoming data.

The adrenal glands are the core of the endocrine stress response system. They produce about 40 hormones, responsible for many body functions. The adrenals are the shock absorbers of the body, and two of their most important hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) are responsible for the fight/flight response. Adrenaline provides the first burst of energy in a crisis situation. Cortisol assists in this phase and then continues working for hours afterward. Both are irreplaceable, but both are extremely damaging when misused. After an event, the homeostasis mechanism reestablishes and seeks to recreate balance.

Allostatic Load and Allostasis

Stress can be a constructive response (even a lifesaving one) to a threatening event however what is of concert is what happens when stress accumulates (Allostatic load). When we lose our ability to adapt, we are experiencing destructive, or maladaptive, stress.

When a healthy individual is subjected to prolonged, chronic stress, the adrenal glands initially increase hormone production (primarily cortisol) by enlarging in size. The abnormally high cortisol levels actually interfere with the adaptation process by preventing vasoconstriction (narrowing of the blood vessels) as cortisol levels increase, the body down regulates and redirects the immune system and growth and repair functions. (Why worry about the future when there is a more immediate danger!) Other functions, such as reproductive capabilities and tissue repair, also shut down or become diminished (thus, stress kills sexual desire and prevents recovery from illness). The large intestine can become paralyzed and the anal sphincter locked closed. As the body’s ability to control inflammation decreases, and as digestion is inhibited, allergic reactions can result in a swelling of the intestines. This puts a person at risk for celiac disease, malabsorption syndrome, and a multitude of opportunistic invaders such as Candida, parasites, and other dangerous microorganisms.

If threshold stress continues and body reserves become depleted, the adrenals can no longer produce the necessary levels of stress hormones. If the stress continues, the adrenals become exhausted and the body goes into a forced state of recuperation. The body is then likely to convert sex hormones such as progesterone and testosterone to stress hormones. Symptoms of this phase include fibromyalgia, heart arrhythmia, increased urine flow, profuse sweating, night sweats, muscle spasms, migraine, anxiety, depression, tension headaches, memory laps, stiff neck and shoulders, asthma, irritable bowel, herpes outbreaks, psoriasis, eczema, low back syndrome, sciatica, erectile dysfunction; amenorrhea, hot flashes, hypertension, skin blotching, rashes, acne, and immune suppression.


Hormones – Salivary 24- hour circadian testing.

Twenty-four hour circadian testing is the “gold standard” for true evaluation of adrenal cortical and sex steroid status. This form of testing includes the collection and analysis of 6 saliva specimens (one every four hours) over a twenty-four hour period. Many systems can be concurrently evaluated in this minimal, essential time period. To determine cause, long-term impact, and best method of dealing with stress, timed  24-hour circadian testing of hormonal and autonomic function give critical baseline information.

Morning samples give detail into energy production, hormonal production, and the metabolism. Afternoon samples indicate how well the body utilizes energy, and indicate one’s ability to adapt to various stressors and chronic infections. The evening and midnight samples can give insight into immune function and growth hormone output (the body’s ability to repair). Testing at 4:00 a.m. can show if there is a stress response to low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), or even sub-clinical pain, which may disturb sleep and repair patterns.

Evaluating the entire 24-hour pattern helps establish the overall level of stress and how well the body deals with it. Random testing at any one of these times can be very deceiving Treatment should not be predicated on a single elevated value, nor should it follow the opposite protocol because one value is low.

Urinary Metabolites

Urine, a biological waste material typically contains metabolic breakdown products from a wide range of foods, drinks, drugs, environmental contaminants, endogenous waste metabolites and bacterial by-products. Many of these compounds are poorly characterized and poorly understood. In an effort to improve our understanding of this bio fluid we have undertaken a comprehensive, quantitative, metabolome-specific characterization of human urine. This involves a comprehensive, quantitative assessment using HPLC / LC-MS/MS. This metabolomics analysis allows us to identify and quantify 78 unique urine metabolites and also allows us to critically assess the relative implications regarding correction of intake to achieve optimal function.

 Bio-Well (Gas Discharge Visualization)

GDV Bioelectrography developed by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov reveals a world that is unmeasurable by any other means. The Bio-Well is the result of evidence based science that is reproducible. The devise allows for a quantitative interpretation of the energy utilization of each primary tissue. The GDV software calculates a multitude of parameters that represent the Bioelectrical, physiological, and psychological state of the organism. Immediate responses can be recorded to access the energetic effect of a substance on the subject.

Treatment using Supplementation, Diet and Lifestyle.

The primary mistake regarding nutrient supplementation is the belief that it should be taken in a generic form in the same manner as food. Consuming a dose three times a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year is considered obligatory. This is based on the paradigm of our utilization of protein, carbohydrates and fats. The way the body will resembled amino acids as building material. The way the body will utilize protein is determined by the cofactors and genetic activity. In fact when dosed in this manner the indiscriminate use of something as simple as Vitamin B12 can cause serious consequences. A more realistic approach with surgical precision and takes into account this individuality. Dosing is then targeted specifically to maintain pathways and receptor activity.

To develop an  accurate assessment of one’s nutritional needs  it is important to look at the body on a three dimensional level using diagnostics that provide the genetic potential, Genetic expression, Accumulated stress, Structural damage, Toxic element load, Chronic infections and Energy field disturbances. The results then provide a means to develop a protocol for the purpose of addressing past, present and future issues.

Our modern world compels us to deal with our stress in ways that are not genetically programmed; we have to take conscious action to avoid the devastating effect that chronic stress has on our well-being as well as the wellbeing of future generations.

For more information on testing visit


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